Sunday, 25 October 2009

A seed is planted

We're into food in a big way; he loves to cook and I love to organise and host. We've both worked in the restaurant business before but never owned our own which, some day, we would like to do, however, we don't want to leave the security of our jobs just yet and restaurant rents are waaaay out of our budget.

The idea was simple, have people over for dinner. That's it! In times of recession (hate that word) we look to new and inspiring ideas. Big companies are opening "Pop-up" restaurants looking to make quick money from an exclusive one night only event. There are underground, anti-restaurants scattered across the capital serving up a variety of delights and we want to create something better, something permanent and something personal which we can build on. Where people can relax, eat, drink and enjoy an evening with new people.
We're not forcing anyone to socialise, this isn't a networking event or mixer party. This is, at it's heart...Dinner at ours.

Our dream is to eventually create a restaurant chain, but not like the restaurant chains you all know and hate. None of your Chiquito's, Frankie & Bennys boil-in-the-bag everything, Maccy-D's or KFC's mistreated chicken. No this is going to be different, a restaurant that you will be happy going to whether you are in Finsbury Park or Aberdeen because you'll know the quality will be top notch and the produce will be the best we can get our hands on.

Let us know what you think of the idea. We're going to be setting up our first Supper Club London night very soon so please give us any feedback/ideas/advice, it will all be taken on board and much appreciated.

The first one is going to have a slightly Oriental theme inspired from our travels around Asia. Some of the dishes on the menu will be our home made Thai Fish Cakes, moreish Black & White Sesame Prawn on Toast and Coriander Squid in Longjing Tea.

*By the by, the header isn't our house. Stunningly set on an island in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam where we went in 2008 I would dearly love to have a holiday home there but we actually live near Finsbury Park, London. We have the Victoria Line and the Piccadilly Line within a 10 minute walk and our front room looks into the park.


  1. I never knew the Victoria and Piccadilly Lines ended up in the Far East. How exciting. Good luck with your adventure.

  2. How good it would be if they did, although it would take the fun out of travel. Many thanks. I'm enjoying reading through your around britain with a paunch blog.