Monday, 7 December 2009

Sunday Brunch

As you can probably tell, I'm not posting these on the day I write them. I'm a bit lazy and just post when I get a spare 5 mins. Happens that I left work on time tonight so I thought I would catch up on some well needed posts (judging by the content bare blog we've got going here!)

Well this weekend was relatively free, we went down the the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland or German Market, I can't remember what they called it officially but German it certainly was not...more on that later.

After doing the old-man Saturday job of hoovering (apparently Mr Dyson gets a bit uppity about people calling it a 'Hoover' as Hoover is a brand of vacuum cleaner and he sells vacuum cleaners not hoovers. But we all call it a hoover...don't we?)
So I vacuumed the car out and bought that stupid cockpit shine spray that, as it turns out, makes your steering wheel into a useless greasy disc. Nevermind, there's always brunch!!

I like to promote my local producer and attend the local farmers markets whenever I can but no matter how often I try I cannot hold any sausage maker above (sorry) Sainsburys, their Bramley apple bangers are gorgeous. Moist and ever so slightly sweet they don't leave you feeling like you've just eaten something still wrapped in cellophane. The casing is light but still retains the juice, there are actual bits of apple in there and they're not all the expensive...2 packets of 6 for 4 of your hard earned pounds.

Today, however, we went down to Islington Farmers Market and bought some Onion Marmalade sausages and black pudding (boudain noir) from Downland Pigs Ltd in the Wiltshire countryside where David Wilkinson personally oversees the production methods so that you can be sure the porker has been treated the best that it can.

It was pouring rain and we were getting a little soggy so we bought a bottle of Bramley & Cox apple juice from the chap at the Chegworth Valley stall to heat with half a cinnamon stick (heaven on a rainy sunday) and headed home. Gladly we took the car and not the Vespa today, Katie is very vocal when she's not at optimum warmth and moisture levels :)

Anyway...home, dried, heating on, apple & cinnamon on the stove and it's on to brunch. The bangers get  ovened, the black pudding gets fried and finished in the oven and the great big free range eggs get fried in very hot oil to crisp up the edges and leave the yolk 'just cooked' - perfect for dipping my soldiers!
Along with that I cook a couple of hash browns (sorry they're supermarket frozen which is something I will have to try making) the result...really great sausages, relatively healthy compared to the greasy nonsense I've had lately.

We've been looking into holding a market stall some weekend soon and it's looking likely to be around the Kentish Town area. I'll post before so that you can keep an eye out for Katie and I!

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